Developer Center

Welcome to the Developer Center. We provide two options to develop data integrations into your KPI Dashboard account:

  1. The KPI Library DataCollector is a secure software agent that is installed within your IT infrastructure. Connect any application to KPI Dashboard so that your data is sent to KPI Dashboard every day, fully automatic. The DataCollector enables configuration of data collection from SQL structured databases, and it automatically sends collected data as indicator scores to your KPI Dashboard account. You can connect to any datasource, Oracle, SQL Server, SAP BW. Every developer or technical consultant should be able to configure our DataCollector.
  2. The KPI Dashboard API is a simple and secure interface for accessing your KPI Dashboard account. API stands for: “Application Programming Interface”. It is an open interface that is used to automate the collection of indicator scores from your data sources, or extract indicators and scores from your account. Every developer should be able to work with our API.
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